Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1980 Volkswagen Caddy project: SWAGEN

I've been meaning to start blogging Kyler and my progress on the Caddy, but it was snowing and well we have been snowboarding!
Old topped and blue metal flake roller style paint.
Anyway, this build originally started as a mild rebuild of a daily driver with a 1.5D sporting a nasty blown head gasket.  After pricing some re-build kits, and getting the go fast bug.  I decided to ditch the bio-diesel (I know start the hazing earthies) and go with a built 1.8 8v we got for a screaming deal from a kid in Vancover, WA.  So I said fuck it lets go fast. Burning gas and rubber in this beast.


The truck had some front-end damage, but I lucked out and it came with a 1979 straight front clip with round headlights as well as a good hood. As far as cutting the old shit off and getting the good one to line up.  Kyler called in Kory Scroggins I was stumped and wanted to have nothing to do with it.  After four our five hours and countless plans of attack, the cuts where made and the front end was up and into place. She fits, and after the fender and hood test fit, a total success. They did a great job!

Kyler tacking her into place
Looks like it worked.
Kory marinating on the plans...

Oh yeah, we've also thrown some cheapo coilovers up front.  I know I know they aren't H&R's, but shit I got them for like 250 and they make it look sick. We'll see if I'm still singing the same tune after drivig them around.  Well since we slammed the front, it was time to fix the height f the rear.  Kyler went at the old axle and a few hours later she was tucked and sitting low as fuck!    Lowered for $250, wammo.  

MBRS's first paint booth!!!

Axle flipped, and painted MBRS green

While the engine was out the engine bay was shaved and is kinda in a work in progress state.  The last few days Kyler and I have really been busting ass trying to get this thing wrapped up.  He's got the engine bay cleaned up, the major holes fixed, cleaned the steering rack and hooked up the mk2 streering column, cleaned and repainted the brake booster, and fixed all the shit I go around breaking.  Which, we all know happens pretty often.

That is what we where going for:]
Kyler is also teaching me how to do bondo.  Apparently my method if more is better isn't always the best method. That shit is tough to sand, thank the gods for air tools!  And Kyler reminding me to put less bondo on and to sand it sooner.  We filled in the bed/cab seam, looks pretty good for my first attempt at making a seam disappear.  I've recently started welding to.....  HAHAHA  I've got some practicing to do that is for sure!

Well there is an update, we are getting closer.  Engine should be in tomorrow or thursday, then it's on to electrical and a windshield.  Anyone got an extra?  I'll try to keep up on the blog, maybe try to go in to more detail of what we are doing.  BUt yeah pictures are cooler.

Nate @ Death by VW

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