Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday the 13th GTG

Wow, this one was the biggest Death By gtg yet, around 35 cars and almost 50 people.   Congrats and thanks to the folks who where able to pick up a shirt and a sticker, we are stoked you liked them.  Plenty more to come, new designs and colors will be popping up all the time.

Kyler and I, really couldn't do it with out ll of you guys and gals, we would like to thank all of you!

The Boundary Bay parking lot was packed so we ended up, moving down the street into a multi level parking garage and took over two floors.  Bellingham's finest bike cops rolled through, said they had gotten a call bout us.  But he didn't seem like he wanted to spend his entire friday evening, writing up parking tickets.  Thank you sirs!!

After the Fuzz rolled through, the masses wanted grub, so we cruised up to the Roundtable for the rest of the event.  On the way north, some of cruised through town to the freeway.  At one point I looked in my rear view and all I could see behind me was three lanes of VW's following me up the hill.  It was sureal, like shit straight out of a euro flick.  Insert dubstep here.  We hit the freeway as a pack, and rallyed north.  So much fun.  I need a turbo now, Mr. Powers.

Was an awesome night to be a part of DEATH BY VW!!!

 Thank you so much to everyone that was able to make out!

Here are a few shots of the night, Thanks to Jeremy and Brian, and a link to Kory's video of us ll rolling out of the parking garage!!
Friday the 13th, April 2012 Death By VW Bellingham, WA

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